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Monday, February 26, 2018

Hugot Quotes

There are really some pains that we can't simply hide. That when we see something, we keep remembering it. Either that or the person who caused us the pain. Here are some of the hugots that you'll definitely find relatable enough that you need to hit that LIKE and SHARE buttons!

In this life, people will come and go. Some will take care and love you in the most genuine way and some will wound you and leave you with scars and lessons. It's tempting to hold a grudge and get even but when you learn to let go and forgive, not only will grow as a person but you will see good things coming to you. So take a breath and let Karma do its work. 

Bad Romance
When you fall in love, you will find yourself loving even the flaws of that person. Sometimes, you choose to close your eyes to what he does even if it breaks your heart in pieces but dear, you need to know your worth and love yourself so that if he can't love you the way you deserve, you know how to love yourself. Enough to turn your back on him/her.

Closed Door
There are really doors that you still wanna open and go inside however you need to know that not all doors are gonna be open for you. Sometimes, there are doors that no matter how much you want to open will remain closed. Those doors are not for you anymore and the only thing left to do is to accept it and move forward in order for you to discover more doors. 

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