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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Tagalog Love Quotes

Love is something very difficult for us to express. Most of the time, words are not enough and other times, you seemed to have the right words for it. Yet despite all of these, we still make sure to get our feelings across. Here are some quotes that we are sure you will find relatable, quotes that might speak your heart out. 

That One Reason
The person we love can be the sole reason for our happiness. He/She could bring you so much joy and countless memories, but that person could also be the sole reason for your pains. And sometimes, that pain becomes too unbearable that you wanted to give up but here's what you need to remember: people will hurt you. It's impossible to find someone that will never hurt you. At some point, they will bring you pain and the best thing you could do is think, think of even one reason on why you will never let them go and fight for them. That one reason will always be greater than those pains. 

The Right Time
From experiencing different pains from various people whom you thought would never hurt you, you'll find yourself questioning if there is someone out there for you. Let me tell you this, yes, there is someone out there for you and he/she will find you at the right time. And he/she will make you feel why he/she is the right person for you. There's time for everything and you just need to be patient and soon, you will understand why. 

Look Around You
We are too busy finding true love at the wrong people and at the wrong place that we suddenly become blind of our surroundings. We tend to overlook the people who're close to us, thinking that we will always have them. Before looking far, try looking around you. Open your eyes and heart to the people you have in your life and you'll be surprised at what you have been missing. 

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