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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ash Wednesday Quotes

Ash Wednesday is more than a cross on your forehead. It's more than the ash or dirt on your forehead. It will all be meaningless without us reflecting on our actions and with our life. Remember, words without actions are meaningless. Here are some Ash Wednesday quotes for you to reflect on. 

Today is the Day 
As mentioned, it's more than just having a cross-shaped ash on your forehead. It is also a reminder that today is the beginning in which we have to let go of who we have been to become who we are meant to be. 

We all come from dust and in this immeasurable universe of us, we are nothing but a speck of dust and no matter how huge our achievements and how far we have come, we are nothing but dust and to dust we will return and so be always kind, generous, and humble. Remember your small origins and the one behind all of your success. 

Nothing is Impossible
No matter how big the leap we need to take and how high the mountains we need to climb, if we do it in the name of and for God nothing is ever impossible. He will give you the strength and the push you need so trust him with all your heart. 

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