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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Everyday Life Quotes

The best gift we can ever receive is this so-called 'life'. It's a bittersweet thing. Something that can make us smile and tear up. And even though life is beautiful sometimes we get tired and we feel like giving up. It's okay because we are human after all. All we need is a little rest and soon, we'll be ready again to keep going. In the first day of March, here are everyday life quotes that will remind you of how truly wonderful life is. 

The Courage
There are moments in which we are afraid to live the life we wanted. We are afraid of what people will say especially the people close to us. But then, not honestly living the life we wanted bestow us loneliness that nothing can seem to cure. Today, I hope you find it in you, the courage that you need to pursue the life you've always wanted. Free yourself and find your happiness. 

The Journey of Growing 
People say that we are eternal students because as we go through life we keep learning and growing through our experiences and sometimes, the experiences of other people. It's okay if you're just beginning. It's okay if you feel like you haven't fully grasped how this life works because as you go through every day, you'll learn, grow and refine. 

Make It Happen
You are meant for greater things. You can do things you thought you could never do and the only thing stopping you from doing so is the huge lie you tell yourself that you can't. Let go of all your doubts and turn them into 'no matter what' and you'll be surprised at the things you can accomplish. 

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