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Monday, March 12, 2018

Farewell Quotes

Goodbyes are one of the most painful things in this life of ours but we need to remember that in order to get to the next chapter of our lives, goodbyes are necessary. And even though it marks ends, it reminds us of the journey we went through and how we were able to go through it and survive. Here are some farewell quotes that you'll definitely relate to. 

It Happened
It's hard to say goodbye to something or someone. There will always be the thought that we may not be able to hold them dearly ever again and that's scary. However, even though it pains us, let's also remember how much it made us happy. Goodbyes don't only mean the end but it also meant that it happened. 

Never Said
We will find ourselves at one point in our life in which we can't even say our farewells or we won't receive the farewells we deserve and it's okay because someday we will eventually be able to accept and get our answers on why those goodbyes were never said. 

The Reward
It's always hard to say goodbye. You need tons of courage, you need the perfect timing and sometimes you need to be willing to be numb even for a moment. Just always remember that whenever there's a goodbye there will be a hello after. One may leave and end but a new beginning will always follow. 

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