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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Funny Quotes Tagalog

It's okay to take a break from life's seriousness and allow yourself a little laugh. After all, a little laugh can be a breather and refresh you even just a bit. Here are quotes in which you might find funny but definitely relatable. 

Money Problems
It's a touching when people ask you your problem when they see you a down. However, without us noticing we look down whenever we find our wallet empty and there is something you want to buy or you need to pay. 

In Bed All Day
Don't you just want to sleep from everything all day sometimes? We understand your sentiments, there are really days just worth just laying in your bed. 

Iphone and Ipon
Most of us want iPhone but then it's a little pricey and thus if we really wanted something the only thing left to do is to start saving up and who knows in time you will be able to buy what you wanted. 

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