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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Funny Quotes

Laughter is the best medicine and though at times our problem seemed to be eating us alive, it would help you if you laugh it off even for just a minute. Take a deep breath and look more on the positive side. Sometimes when you had that good laugh, everything will become clear and you will know what to do next. Here are some funny quotes that not only will you relate to but will also make you laugh and smile. 

Trusting Someone
Trusting someone is hard especially if that person holds your heart. That he/she has the ultimate power to make you happy and hurt you so much. Don't force it. Take as much time as you needed because as you go on, the trust will be built and remember, it's not an overnight thing. 

The Exes
Your life is not for people to tell. Your life, your decisions, your mistakes and your lessons. So what if you have tons of exes? And so what if you had been in numerous relationships? It's not their problem and it's not something they should meddle with. You're doing great, hunny. And one day, you'll figure out how to get things together. 

The Only One 
When you have been fooled once, it's really hard to believe the sincerity other people offer. Sometimes, we end up generalizing people and how they will do the same mistake that the previous one did. I hope that you don't make the mistake of assuming the worst from someone. Give them the benefit of the doubt and try hard as you can to learn to trust them and believe that not everyone is out there to hurt you. 

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