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Monday, March 5, 2018


Hugot Quotes Tagalog

Love is a package of joys and pains. And it is a journey that one sometimes succeed and sometimes failed. And yet it is something we can never live without. Just remember that when one love story ends, another one is bound to begin. Don't give up on love because the right love for you, the love you truly deserve will come at the right time. Here are some hugot quotes that you would definitely find relatable. 

Letting Go
Letting go of the person we want to be with and our very heart's desire is never an easy thing. And so give yourself some time as they say time takes care of everything. No matter how long it will take, you will soon find the courage to let go that person your dearly love. 

Your Song
It's amazing how there's a song that will remind you of the people you love. Just hearing it makes you nostalgic, remembering every single moment with him/her, even the little ones. And that's how you know that the person is special. 

Your Worth 
There will be a time in which you will find yourself at the losing end when it comes to love. When you feel as if you have given all and yet you feel like it's not enough. Breathe, and know that what you are doing and given is enough and there will come a day in which those will be appreciated. 

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