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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lenten Season Quotes

And though you may have done wrong your entire life and you have gone down the path that you were not meant to walk to, ask for Him with all your heart, repent and change because it's never too late. That's how great his love is. Here are another set of Lent season quotes that will give you the push you need. 

Prayer and Service 
You will always hear people telling you but we will remind you again. When you are sad, pray. When you are happy, pray. When you are angry, pray. It will help you calm down and collect your thoughts. It will help you strike the winning blow. 

The Manner
The end result doesn't matter. How far you've come and how many achievements you have made is not as important as the process that happened for you to get there. In the end, it's how we treated ourselves and others with kindness and gentleness that will matter. 

Never Late
We are never perfect and God knows that. We will run down paths that He will not approve of, we will live a life far from what He planned for us, but to Him, it's never too late. Your apology, your repentance, and your eagerness to change are what matters. You can always start anew, so never say it's too late for you because for Him it's never too late. 

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