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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Loyalty Quotes

Many have declared and to which has been proven that loyalty is one thing that is hard to find. And even us, ourselves, we find it hard to be loyal at a certain point in our life. One thing is for sure, loyalty is a choice, it's a commitment, and we definitely have the last say whether we will be loyal or not. With that being said, here are some quotes about loyalty that you will definitely find relatable.

Black and White 
As mentioned above, loyalty is purely your decision. It's solely up to you if you will remain loyal or not and there's really nothing in between. 

Your Loyalty
Being loyal is a great thing. It shows commitment and dedication. However, you need to consider the person or the thing that you are going to be loyal to. Is the person worthy of the loyalty you are so genuinely and willingly giving? As much as it's a beautiful thing, don't let your loyalty be the sword that will wound you when the time comes. 

Keep and Cherish It
You would often hear how it is difficult for people to find loyalty nowadays where there had been too many ways for people to disregard it which causes trust issues. But one day you will find the diamond out of the stones and you need to cherish and keep it because it could be a once in a lifetime chance. Don't make him/her regret the loyalty that he/she wholeheartedly gave you. 

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