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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Sweet Quotes Tagalog

No matter how tough we seemed to be we are in reality all sucker for sweet words especially when they came from the person who means the whole universe to us and when they're said in such sincerity. Ah, we can all just melt away. Here are few of our favorite sweet quotes tagalog that you'll definitely love! 

For the Rest of Time
When we think of spending eternity or the rest of our lives, I'm pretty sure at some point we thought of that special someone whom we want to spend it with. Then don't just let it be just a tiny voice in your head. Let them know that someone, out there wanted to be with them for the rest of time. 

A Love Beyond Everything 
In our lives, we will come across a love that is so powerful and intense that no words could express, a love that hurts so much yet brought us much more joy. In time, we will find the person whom we will love so much that we will give up everything for that person's happiness. 

The One for You 
And though we picture our soulmates flawlessly perfect, we have to open our eyes to fully see that though flawed the person who is meant for us are not the ones who are perfect but the person who loves you so true and will sacrifice anything for your happiness. 

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