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Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Crush Quotes Tagalog

Ah, crushes! They make us excited, giddy and happy despite the fact that they don't have the idea that we admire them. Sometimes, there's pain but just one hi and one conversation no matter how short, we are already up in heaven. Thank God for that fateful day. For the you who nurtures her/his crush silently in your heart, here are some crush quotes that you will definitely find relatable. 

The Reason
Whenever we made our crush smile or laugh the happiness that it brings to us is just ten times. We felt like we finally have done something right. It's amazing how when we have crushes, their happiness is our happiness especially if we are the reason for it. 

Trust the Process
It is not impossible for you and your crush to end up together. Sometimes it happens slow, other times it happens fast but what you can do is to trust the process. But you can begin by creating the perfect timing in which you will be able to convey your feelings after you at least make yourself visible to him. 

Even Just a Little
There's nothing wrong with hoping for something more between you and the person you can't but admire. However, things like that don't happen in a snap of your fingers. You need to work for it put some efforts even just a little. Try to introduce yourself to him or her and be acquainted. Who knows, you might be able to cross beyond that crush zone or if not at least you gained another friend. 

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