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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hugot Lines Love

Ah, love, the one thing that could either make or break us. The one thing that holds our heart at gunpoint. Love makes us happy, makes us cry and every emotion in between. Whatever we see or hear, we can automatically relate it to love. And for us who are either broken by love or is in love, here are some hugot lines love that you will definitely find relatable.

To The One Who Makes Us Smile 
We would always have the person who even though is not even doing anything and just literally sitting there and breathing but still can make us smile beautiful and be thankful that we woke up for another day. Someone who completes your day even though it started badly and messy. And that person, we will always find it hard to let them go for they held such special place in our hearts. 

Love is A Package
Love is a package of pain and happiness. And even though we only wanted the happiness part it is not possible for love is not perfect. It is there to help us grow, discover ourselves more. Love helps us grow and be a better person. And even though love comes with pains, I am certain that in the end, it's all worth it. 

Falling For You
There are really times when we will find ourselves drawn to a certain person who doesn't even talk to us nor look at us but you can definitely feel their impact in your life. They way they can make you smile without doing anything and make your heart skip beats when they smile back or say a little hi. 

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