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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Inspirational Sayings About Life

Life is such a strange thing. It's something we both love and hate. We either know how to navigate through it or are completely lost. And it's okay because life is a long journey of learning and part of that learning is failing and getting up again and keep moving forward. To keep you moving forward here are some inspirational sayings about life that  you should keep in mind and store in your heart

Waiting For Us
We tend to over plan everything. We wanted the best in life and so we plan everything from the beginning, on how it will go and how it will end but sometimes, those plans of us are not the life that we are meant to live. And we need to learn and accept that because when we do we will be surprised of the life that is waiting for us to take.  

Time to Try
People may always say that life passed them by but life is something that begins when we decided to do so. Everything in our lives is the result of every decision we made. Those decisions gave birth to the life you are living, the path you are taking and whatever is happening in our life. So if you wanted something, get up and go for it because nothing is gonna happen if you just wait for it.

Find and Create
We are lost creatures. We always find ourselves in the middle of nowhere called life, seemingly just floating and going with the flow. But have you ever wondered that the reason why we feel and seemed lost is because we are never meant to find ourselves rather we are meant to create the person whom we wanted to be? 

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