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Monday, April 2, 2018

Jealous Quotes For Him

Jealousy is like sipping a coffee thinking it's sweet only it tasted too bitter. It's something that is of human nature that sometimes we just find ourselves feeling it even though we thought we will never ever do so. Loving someone will always bring a new set of emotions that you never felt before and this is one of those. It's unpleasant and painful but each of us deals with it. Here are relatable jealous quotes for him that will make you nod in agreement. 

How Do You Hide It?
Jealousy is one tricky emotion. Sometimes it felt like we can control it and other times, it felt like we were about to explode. It's something that leaks naturally and is very difficult to deny and more so, hide. 

The Most Painful
Getting jealous is never easy. You can literally feel your chest constrict in pain as your breathing ragged to the point that you're about to cry. It's very difficult to handle but at some point, you will be able to do so. When you realize your worth, it will ebb away the pain. 

Keep Calm
As mentioned above, jealousy is very difficult to handle. It's almost impossible to calm down but you have to because if you let it control you, you'll end up irrational and reckless, and sometimes you will be able to hurt someone. 

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